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General Policy Statement

Here at WH Kelly Drainage Contractors based in Tauranga, we pride ourselves on our continued commitment to Health and Safety.

Our first Audit in January 2009 placed us at the Secondary level which we have held for the past 4 years. Our Management and Staff are committed to continuous improvement in our Health and Safety practices. We are extremely proud to have recently obtained Tertiary level accreditation with ACC's Workplace Safety Management Practices (WSMP).

View our WSMP Certificate or you can view our Health and Safety Policy (PDF) here

Our company continues to be committed to this level of accreditation by ensuring we maintain a safe and healthy working environment:


Hazard Identification and Management

Chain testing

This is the main component of our Health and Safety programme. We have a company hazard register that is reviewed regularly and refreshed with staff annually. This is readily available to all staff as a copy is held in the company vehicle manual. The hazards that have been identified have been through the process of

Our site foreman has a site specific hazard form given to them to complete for every job. This form consists of the generic hazards relating to drain laying but provides for any new hazards to be registered and controlled.

The site foreman is responsible for carrying out any other site hazard management ie: subcontractor induction, site tool box meetings where applicable.

WH Kelly Drainage Contractors have identified specific hazards which require company emergency procedures. These are regularly reviewed and refreshed with all staff and are readily available in each company vehicle manual to assist at the time of an incident occurrence.

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Training & Induction

Confined Spaces Training


WH Kelly Drainage Contractors are committed to ensuring all employees are competent and sufficiently trained to carry out their duties. All new employees complete a full company induction before commencing employment.

Any inexperienced employees are supervised by fully trained experienced drain layers until they are competent to work alone. Annually our management team carries out employee competency assessments.

You can view our Training Records PDF Version here
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Site Specific Safety Plan

W H Kelly Drainage Contractors provide Site Specific Safety Plans for all our sites. Each foreman must complete this form at the commencement of work on site and is responsible for identifying all the site hazards. You can view our Site Hazard ID Plan here

The Site Specific Safety Plan outlines the following:

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Recording and Reporting

Here at WH Kelly Drainage Contractors we will continue to be committed to ensuring there is suitable reporting of all hazards and any incidents on each of our work sites. Our management endeavors to request all relevant safety information from service providers to ensure employees know where service cables are located. We remain committed to providing a process to investigate any incident that may take place, and discuss all incidents at the next company health and safety meeting to allow all employees the opportunity to gain experience. See our Incident Report Form - Incidents and Near Misses

Refreshers of all company emergency procedures are carried out at regular intervals. WH Kelly Drainage Contractors continues to be aware of their responsibility to the Department of Labour and reports any notifiable work being carried out by W H Kelly. Serious harm incidents are reported promptly.

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